February 9,2021

posted Feb 9, 2021, 6:11 AM by Rosa Mortillaro



 * Door Decorating contest-  There is a February door decorating contest for the month of February- Prizes to each homeroom will be donated by the Junior Class Student Council-  rules:  you can decorate the walls around the door, both sides of the door, or one side of the door - but both homerooms must help-  contest ends Feb 24th  

 * Health Center:   As you’ve seen in your emails, if you order from the Free Food Locker Form by Thursday, you can have groceries in time for February vacation. Check out the latest food list to make your choices!

 *  This announcement is for students interested in taking the SAT's in the spring. We will be administering the SAT during the school day this year on April 27. To register please fill out the SAT school day registration form. Payments should be made by check payable to Gloucester Public Schools and and can be brought to Mrs. Mondello in guidance. 

* Join the GHS Theatre program for our first pandemic play: The Radio Play Disaster by Don Zolidis. The show will be streaming online THIS WEEK from Thurs. Feb 11th through Sat. Feb 13th. Unlimited on-demand viewing is only $10 through Broadway OnDemand! Scan the QR Code on the posters for more information. 

* Getcha head in the game! Auditions for this year's spring musical, Disney's High School Musical, are happening after we come back from February break, Monday through Wednesday. Email Ms. Kirk (jkirk@gloucesterschools.com) for more information on how to sign up to audition and what to prepare. 

 * Valentine's carnations... Today is the last day to get a valentine gift to send to your sweetie, teacher or even yourself- don't forget we have a new item - $5 a teddy bear with candy-

 * Valentine's will be delivered tomorrow and Thursday / thank you to all who have already bought one  

 * door decoration contest- The February door decorating contest is underway-  The contest will be judged by the junior class on Feb 24th- don't forget both homerooms must participate and walls around the door are allowed

 * NHS tutoring- if you need an NHS tutor please email Ryan Bergin or your guidance councilor/tutors are available for any subject

 * NHS students do not forget you can now do your Open door hours at the GHS Free Locker after school-  you must do a total of 4 hours and you can log your hours a little at a time - please do not forget you must get the hour sheet signed off every time you help-  The Free Locker has been helping many GHS students so please give some of your time to help

 *  Yearbook- If you have received a Superlative for this year- please make sure you get your picture submitted as we are missing some thank you