January 11, 2021

posted Jan 11, 2021, 8:42 AM by Rosa Mortillaro

News from the Health Center

The Youth Advisory Council will meet after school at 2.20pm  today by Google Meet. Please log in with the recurring  link. We will be discussing plans for the Free Food Locker, including helping with The Open Door food delivery and making bags for GHS student home deliveries. Anyone who is interested to join, please go to the Health Center Rm 1214 for information.

The Youth Peace Movement  in partnership with the Youth Advisory Council is preparing a celebration of Martin Luther King's life on the Bulletin Board opposite the Health Center. Please check out the photos of him and words chosen from his speeches. 

The Free Food Locker is continuing to deliver food to GHS students' homes. To find out more information on how to use the Free Food Locker, please visit the Health Center or read your  Free Food Locker emails with details including the available foods menu.