November 8, 2021

posted Nov 8, 2021, 5:01 AM by Rosa Mortillaro   [ updated Nov 8, 2021, 5:26 AM ]
NHS-  TUTORING- please let your guidance counselor know if you are in need of a guidance counselor-  NHS students will help you organize your notebooks, study for a quiz or go over homework

NHS- please see GOOGLE classroom as their is an OPEN DOOR opportunity available, but you must have your Vaccination- please remember 4 visits after school to food locker erases one of your Open Door requirements
please make sure you let Ms. Hurst know if you plan on staying ahead of time

Soccer Game this Wednesday- come by and support the boys soccer team

Wednesday dress in blue to support students and staff who have Diabetes as it is Diabetic Awareness Day

Food Drive-  Last year the Open Door saw a 27% increase  for food assistance- and many people continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.  The Open Door distributed 2:46 million pounds of food in 2020. that's about 2.05 million meals to almost 10,000 people

The Open Door is at an extreme low for food- please consider bringing a food item to room 1213 or to the library- items most requested- peanut butter, soups, pasta, cereal, juice boxes, pancake mix,  and tuna fish

Our thanksgiving baskets are also at 28 thank you- Thanksgiving is 2 and half weeks away...! 
last year we collected for 75 families