September 15, 2021

posted Sep 15, 2021, 7:31 AM by Rosa Mortillaro   [ updated Sep 15, 2021, 9:19 AM ]
From the nurse's office:  The nurse's office will be open for Emergencies only the last block of the day until further notice, 

Garden Club:  Welcome  back! The Garden Club is gearing up for an exciting year! Please join us for our first meeting which will be held Monday Sept. 13th 2:15 in Room 2413, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Rex or Mrs. L with any questions in the meantime, hope to see you soon 

Lockers:   Any student that would like a locker and has not yet picked one out should meet Mrs. Alves and Mr. Kobs in the attendance office after school today.

student council- please make sure SENIORS you have your forms in today by 2pm this also includes all of your recommendations - there are no exceptions on this 
underclassmen you have until tomorrow- check off all of your items to make sure you have this done-  Seniors will have elections tomorrow in the auditorium during homeroom

NHS- Please please fill out what days you are available so that Eliana  can get the NHS spreadsheet done- teachers are asking for tutors already-  
those of you who need a tutor- please let your guidance councilor know- or go to to the new NHS board located by the elevators to see if you know someone on the board who you would like to be your tutor

THINK Pink shirts- We are preordering these shirts- they will be white with a pink ribbon this year- please order in Ms Finacey - shirts are $11 - money is due in October- you want a shirt to be in the newspaper and also in the yearbook photo as we do an annual photo

Senior class- We are preordering our new Senior shirts- please order in the school store during lunches- the shirts are $15-  I DON"T KNOW ABOUT U ... I'm feeling 22

School Store- please help us by not throwing wrappers on the ground inside or outside - we need to keep the area clean

Italian club- do you need help in your Italian class?? the Italian club will be available for tutoring please ask Ms. Gallo or Ms. Menery if you need a tutor- grazie..