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Health and Fitness Department

Health and Physical Education has been blended to create a Wellness Curriculum, which emphasizes knowledge, skills, and positive behaviors toward making decisions for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Our curriculum, one semester a year for two years, is required for Freshmen and Sophomores. One of the marking quarters a student will take Health in the classroom and one quarter will be spent doing a physical activity such as a Leisure Time Sport or working on Physical Fitness.

The lifetime activities include tennis, basketball, floor hockey, badminton, volleyball, golf, archery, ultimate Frisbee and lacrosse. Recently the weight-training center has been greatly improved so that the students can have a facility to improve various aspects of their physical fitness.

Some of the health classroom courses taught are Fundamentals of Fitness and Nutrition in the Freshmen year and Introduction to Wellness their sophomore year that emphasizes values clarification and decision-making concerning good health practices.

It hoped that the knowledge acquired in these classes will be used throughout their lifetime so they will have improved life quality, good health, and personalized fitness knowledge.