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Health and Fitness Department

Health and Physical Education has been blended to create a Wellness Curriculum, which emphasizes knowledge, skills, and positive behaviors toward making decisions for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Students are required to take Health in the classroom (one semester) and three semesters doing physical activities in courses such as Fitness for Life, Competitive Games, and Yoga/Pilates.

The lifetime activities include tennis, basketball, floor hockey, badminton, volleyball, golf, archery, ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, and yoga. In the weight-training center students have a facility to help improve various aspects of their physical fitness.

The Health curriculum includes values clarification and decision-making concerning good health practices.

Our goal is for the knowledge acquired in these classes to be used throughout a student's lifetime so the student will have improved life quality, good health, and personalized fitness knowledge.

Department Staff:

Rosa Goulart

Physical Education