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GHS Health and Fitness

In the health and fitness class we will be exploring lifetime leisure activities ( tennis, golf, badminton, and volleyball) Choices for other sport/activities will include but are not limited to: basketball, flag football, floor hockey, softball,fitness walking, ping pong, european handball, dodgeball, juggling, pickle ball, frisbee,hacky sack, soccer, yoga, and boxing(no sparring; skills and bags only).Other options considered upon request.
The text book for the class is Personal Fitness: looking good ~ feeling good 3rd ed.

Topics from the book include... What is physical fitness, Components of fitness, Goal setting, Guidelines for exercise, Principles of training, Flexibility, Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular fitness, and Designing your own personal fitness program.

Students will have their fitness levels assessed using the Presidential Fitness test three times over the course of the semester (Beginning, middle and end). After the first assessment students will set individual goals and modify these goals over the course of the semester. The fitness component of the class will start off with some basic body weight exercises followed by yoga and strength training. Students will be required to maintain a workout log/journal. As students demonstrate their ability and understanding of the concepts covered in class, as well as personal responsibility, they will be allowed to design their own individual fitness program with instructor approval.
Extra credit is available. Students who wish to take on a leadership role in class will have the opportunity to earn extra credit. Students who would like to be considered for a leadership position must adhere to the leadership positions
policy in the GHS Compass pp. 37-39. Other extra credit is available see Mr. Sperry for details.

Students should check this web site frequently as information regarding homework will be posted below.

Read Chapters 4&5 review study guide Quiz next week(
***Read/review badminton document Badminton terms scoring

Read Chapters 1,2&3  Quiz next week( )

  • Review: Dynamic Flexibility and Mobility
  • review rules, expectations,grades
  • Health&Fitness--Print copy of physical fitness study guide and begin to fill in as we cover readings or in class
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