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Math Department

All students at Gloucester High School must pass three years of mathematics to graduate. Students should pursue mathematics courses based on their capability in mathematics and future aspirations. Students who begin the study of Algebra in grade eight may pursue mathematics through Calculus in their senior year. Students who did not begin the study of Algebra in grade eight, but who demonstrate the desire and capacity during their grade nine study of Algebra may elect both Algebra II and Geometry in grade ten in order to accelerate their study of mathematics to include Calculus in grade twelve.

Students may take the sequence of computer courses at any time during their high school years. Students who begin their study in Applied Algebra may use their experience as a stepping stone to the college preparatory courses in mathematics or they may continue with Applied Geometry and Applied Math Topics. The GHS Mathematics Department is implementing the curriculum changes recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Massachusetts State Frameworks.If there are any questions about course selection please contact Deborah Faunce ( or your child's teacher (emails to the right).