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What happens in an IMP classroom?

Interactive Learning:

The "interactive" aspect of IMP refers, in part, to the program's emphasis on students working with each other in collaborative groups. Students discuss problems, use writing to clarify, and express complex mathematical ides and present findings to the rest of the class. Students share many different and valid approaches, expanding everyone's thinking. Together, they tackle problems that are usually too complex to be solved by any one individual.


Students complete daily homework assignments that focus on challenging their ability to think mathematically. *Supplemental materials are added for the skill and drill aspects of computation skills. They also work on "Problems of the Week," open-ended investigations in which they must write and illustrate their strategies and solutions to complex problems, and deliver oral presentations to the class.

*Please note, the material provided by IMP do not include the skill builder type of exercises, these will be provided by the instructor. GHS math believes skill building is a necessary component of any math curriculum.


Assessments are related to state standards for mathematics. Students are evaluated according to a variety of criteria. Student grades are based on class participation, daily homework assignments, Problems of the Week, portfolios, and unit assessments, including a two-hour semester exam. Weekly quizzes and chapter tests are based on both demonstration of the needed skills and application of the skills.