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Social Studies Department

All Gloucester High School Students are required to pass three courses in the field of history. Newly dictated state frameworks now will assess students' performance in United States History at the conclusion of the students' sophomore year. Students must take United States History 9, a study of Colonial America to the Reconstruction Period, and United States History 10, a study of American political, economic, and social growth from 1877 to the present. Students must then take a World Regions and Cultures course which includes a study of the regions of the world from geographic, cultural, economic, environmental, and political perspectives.

All courses are offered on four levels of instruction to allow students the best opportunity to be successful. After completion of the three required courses, the department offers a unique number of electives including: International Relations, Global Issues, Women's Issues, Psychology, Sociology, Sports and Society, Mass Media in the Twentieth Century, and Comparative Religions. AP World History, AP American History, and AP Psychology are offered to students wishing to receive college credit.

For more information please contact the Program Leader, Andrea Tarantino at