Engineering Graphics

PTC ProDesktop:

Pro/DESKTOP 8.0 is an industry-proven 3D design software that is now being used by over 1 million students around the world. Parametric Technologies Corp. (PTC) and the College of New Jersey have teamed up to offer this product through PTC's Partnership for Innovative Learning program. Teaching design helps students develop critical thinking skills and to solve multidimensional problems. Pro/DESKTOP is easy to learn so students spend more time with the actual design problems and less time learning the software. With Pro/DESKTOP students learn to think visually as well as logically.

When students undertake design projects, they learn to identify needs, frame problems, weigh alternatives and to express themselves with greater confidence. These skills will be taken into other subjects, thus improving the overall understanding of critical lessons.

Students can, with very little effort, quickly create a design on the screen that looks exactly as the 3D object would in real life. It is then easy to create modifications, enhancements, and then finally standard drawings and renderings of the product. Students can create multiple configurations of a design and then animate them. Standard parts, materials, holes, and textures are included.

PTC ProEngineer:

ProEngineer Wildfire 4.0 is a 3D design program that is used throughout the world. The instructor, Mr. Kistner, brought ProEngineer to GHS through the Schools Plus program at Parametric Technologies. PTC gives industry training to the instructor and free use of the program.
Students in Mr. Kistner's CADD II and CADD III classes use ProEngineer to solve design problems associated with several different types of industries.
ProEngineer is the "Big Brother" program to ProDesktop which is taught to first year CADD students.

Both of these powerful programs are available for student use on their home computers.

Parametric Technologies

DataCAD 12:

 DataCAD is a 3D architectural modeling program used by AEC Professionals throughout the world. CADD II students may opt to learn it during the year, after first starting the year with ProEngineer. Layout and design of a small house becomes the assignment of the student after learning the program through a series of tutorials.