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Drawing by Samuel Curtis-As published in the Elicitor


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Acrobats and Elephants by Brian Finlay

I can remember a time,
The grass waving hellos at the passing clouds
And the songs of pristine nature playing melodies musicians didn't dare to imprison

The waves would lap gently against my feet, buried in the sand
            Never riled nor enraged
            They rolled onto and over each other
            Like the acrobats at the circus
                        The one where you got to ride the elephant
                        And feed it peanuts as it hugged you tight

The simple things were simpler.

Now I only remember the present
The constant fear of the unknown
            That presses sharply against the mind
The grief and mourning each day
            That weighs too heavy, a burden on my heart
But the most frightening;

Do the clouds ever say hello back?
And are the waves still elephants?
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Photocollage by Meghan Ciaramitaro, Elicitor Art Editor

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My View vs. Their View by Pauline Cruz

My home has been made famous by artists
But filmmakers show the most in my home
Whether the scenery was the boldest
Or they saw a story within its dome

But they only capture my home in all
Of its bland superficiality
Ignoring the traits that make it stand tall
And making it very unnoteworthy

With my camcorder in hand, I explore
With the adventure calling out to me
Excitedly, I step out of the door
And see my unique home on the blue sea

Determined to prevent this tragedy
I film it in its true identity

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