O'Maley to GHS Transition

Transition from O'Maley Middle School to Gloucester High School

The transition to high school marks a step into the final stage of K-12 learning. The top priority at Gloucester High School is for every student to graduate with a clear plan for what they will do after high school. The Gloucester Public Schools values and prepares students for many paths beyond high school, including four-year and two-year colleges, employment in the trades, entering the armed forces, apprenticeships, training programs, and joining the workforce. Each student's plan for what comes next after graduation begins with a successful transition into Gloucester High. 

In the Gloucester Public Schools, many transition events are planned for the eighth grade year to provide information for families and to offer students opportunities to experience what Gloucester High School has to offer. Students receive information on academic and electives courses offered in grades 9 through 12, as well as learning about our excellent Career/Vocational Technical Education program (CVTE) at Gloucester High School. Students may head to college from either program, and CVTE provides a unique foundation for those students looking to enter the workforce directly from high school.

The high school transition events begin in October in order to provide information early to assist students in navigating the choices available to them as they plan their high school experience. 

Timeline for Grade 8 to 9 Transition Events


GHS Presentation for Eighth Grade Students at O’Maley

GHS staff and students visit O’Maley to present an overview of GHS including academics and electives, the CVTE program, extracurricular organizations and activities, and sports. 

GHS Open House for Parents/Guardians and Eighth Grade Students

At this event, in addition to hearing an overview of the GHS experience from students and parents, group tours are led to guide visitors through the high school. A panel of GHS students share their unique experiences and discuss how they found their place at GHS. The CVTE shops are open for visitors to take a peek.


CVTE Visits for Interested Students

If your student is contemplating a program for Career/Vocational Technical Education (CVTE), they will have the opportunity to visit the CVTE classes at GHS to see what they look like in action. 

Electives Fair for O’Maley Eighth Graders

Student representatives from GHS electives and the CVTE program come to O'Maley prior to course selection to share information with 8th grade students. The “fair” is set up in the O’Maley Commons, and students are able to gather information related to their personal interests (theatre, music, fine arts, sports, robotics, foreign languages, engineering, etc.). 

GHS Course Selection

The course selection process for GHS rising ninth graders begins in late February or early March each year. GHS counselors join O’Maley staff to review the logistics of course selection, including academics, electives, and CVTE programs. GHS hosts a parent meeting to review the process with them. Course recommendations are made by eighth grade teachers, and parents and students can review students’ suggested courses in the SchoolBrains Community Portal one to two weeks after teachers have submitted their recommendations. The application for CVTE programs is due at the same time as are all course recommendations. 


Checking Out CVTE Programs

Students accepted into CVTE programs visit GHS to see the programs in action.

8th Grade Students Visit GHS

In late May or early June, 8th graders visit GHS during the school day to get a sense of the high school. Tours are led by National Honor Society students. 

CVTE Showcase

In addition to students accepted into CVTE programs, the CVTE showcase held at GHS is an experience open to all O’Maley families.

Fall Sports Registration Opens

Representatives from GHS sports teams visit O’Maley with registration information for the fall sports season.


More Information on Grade 8 to 9 Transition

In addition to publicized events for students and families, a great deal of behind the scenes work occurs over the course of the year. This includes information sharing by special education coordinators and program leaders, counselors, social workers, and teachers - all of whom focus on making the best possible placement and program recommendations for each and every student. 

Families with questions or concerns about their student’s needs should contact the principal or support staff for guidance. 

Be sure to check out the Gloucester High School website for access to resources and information. Click here!

For information specific to Gloucester High School's Career/Vocational Technical Education programs (CVTE): 

Essex Tech and Other High School Options

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School also begins its application process in the fall. O’Maley counselors assist interested students through this process by hosting visits and facilitating interviews. For information about Essex Tech, go to their website: https://essexnorthshore.org/ 

Support is also provided by Gloucester Public Schools staff members for students opting to attend high schools other than Gloucester High.

Student Panel at Gloucester High School Open House for Middle School Families

Electives Fair for O'Maley Eighth-Graders

GHS Students Tell O'Maley Eighth-Graders How They Found Their Place in High School

Eighth-Graders Tour GHS Career/Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) Shops

GHS Student Council Members Welcome O'Maley Middle School Students as they Arrive to Tour GHS